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Canoeing and Kayaking

Canoes and Kayaks are very similar, with both originating from ancient craft.

In kayaking a double-ended paddle is used, with the paddler sitting in the boat.

A canoe, however, can be paddled either kneeling or sitting while using a single blade paddle.

Both craft can be paddled solo, double, or with four or more as a crew.

In the UK the word ‘Paddlesport’ is used to cover both these activities.

Paddlesport is an affordable and accessible activity – with no need to purchase equipment straight away as clubs and centres often run special sessions for newcomers.

Paddlesport also offers the opportunity for a variety of different activities, with some being based on competition (e.g. slalom, sprint and marathon racing) and other less formalised and based on journeying and adventuring.

Paddlesport is an extremely healthy activity that uses every major muscle group in the body and is great for developing aerobic fitness, improving your stamina and increasing the strength and flexibility of shoulders and wrists.

Paddlesports offer something for everyone – and you’re never too from an inspiring experience!

For information on preventing or recoveing from Canoe/Kayak injuries, visit our dedicated Canoe/Kayak Sports Injuries page provided by Newcastle Sports Injury Clinic.

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